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Our Values

We have developed a strong corporate culture that is critical to our success, and we have defined six core values that inspire our work and serve as guides for everything we do: Integrity, Customer Focus, Initiative, Agility, Innovation and Growth.

To encourage the achievement of these core values, we actively reward teamwork and use adoption of our core values as a measure to evaluate performance and give promotions. Also, we have an intensive orientation program for new employees to introduce them to our core values, as well as a number of internal communications and training initiatives defining and promoting these core values.


We value honesty, doing the right thing, treating people fairly and with respect, giving one's best, and honoring commitments.

Customer Focus

We listen, evaluate, and respond to our customers, both internal and external. Together we deliver true satisfaction with highest quality possible.


We encourage individual drive to exceed expectations.


We embrace and spur change. We look ahead and move forward, responding quickly to ever-evolving environments.


We think beyond the norm to do better, achieve results faster, and work more efficiently.


We endeavor to grow our people, helping them gain the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in work and in life.

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