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Real Estate Financing Brokering at IRESE

IRESE offers new opportunities to earn recurring commissions for mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and brokers, and financial advisers with:

We work with Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, who are seeking to finance their real estate loans or portfolio of loans and exposed to price declines of the underlying properties that secure their mortgages.

We work with Real Estate Brokers and Agents, who are seeking to finance their client purchases or help property owner with access to cash or home equity protection.

We work with Stock Brokers and Financial Advisers, who advise their clients on financial portfolio allocation and risk management, IRESE provides access to a new option for investment consideration, diversification, and cash out alternatives.

Home Equity Protection Plan

IRESE offers Home Equity Protection Plan to protect your clients' home equity. Consider these reasons to offer equity protection plan to your clients:
  • Your client plans to refinance the mortgage in 5 years and worries that the value of the home will fall below the mortgage principal
  • Your client plans to sell in 7 years and needs to preserve the down payment and protect the equity made on their home
In essence, your client’sexposure to real estate market price fluctuation is minimized with IRESE’s Home Equity Protection Plan. Learn more

Future Equity Agreement

IRESE offers a Future Equity Agreement to provide interest-free cash today in exchange for a share in the future equity of the property. Consider these reasons to offer this agreement to your clients:
  • Typical homeowners hold about 30% of their net worth in their homes through equity with no possibilities for diversification and limited options for liquidity
  • To unlock the home’s equity, a homeowner is required to sell their home prematurely, or take out expensive reverse mortgages or home equity loans.
By signing a Future Equity Agreement, property owners can unlock the future value of their homes today and receive immediate cash with no payments. As a broker you are compensated based on commission as a percentage of the agreement value. Learn more

Mortgage Financing

IRESE offers another option to finance mortgages at the most competitive rates. Consider these reasons to use IRESE’s Mortgage Financing to finance your clients’ mortgages:
  • Homeowners receive a competitive rate set by the market, based on the property and borrower risk profile
  • IRESE’s Mortgage Financing provides an alternative to government mortgage financing with no restrictions on the borrower’s profile
  • You are compensated once financing is complete and every month when property owners make their mortgage payments, providing you with a recurring stream of revenue
Learn more about Mortgage Financing

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