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What are messages?

Messages operates like your email inbox on IRESE. Messages is where you will receive secure, relevant messages directly from IRESE and other IRESE members, like Brokers. All messages originate from the IRESE system and are authentic. Anything related to your IRESE account that you need to know about will come directly to your Messages inbox.

By communicating with you through on-site messages, IRESE can ensure that the messages you receive are not fake emails (spoof), spam, or "phishing" scams. Furthermore, it ensures the delivery of important account-related messages and Customer Support responses to you.

Since messages from other members are sent through the site's messaging system, IRESE can ensure any transaction-related messages are successfully delivered to you and are not susceptible to your ISP or email spam filters.

Why not just send me an email?

We will also send you an email to the personal email address you will give us. But with the massive numbers of fake email out there in the world, the messages area is an easy way for you to confirm that the email you just received that looks like it's from IRESE is actually from IRESE.

Who can send me messages?

Anyone you delegate and is a registered member of IRESE may send you a message through the site. At no time will your email address or any other personal information (that you have not provided publicly in your profile) be available to the sender.

The IRESE web site and customer support team will also periodically send messages to members. These messages can include registration notices, bidding notices, or correspondence related to customer support needs.

What if I am being harassed or am offended by another member's email?

IRESE takes cases of member impropriety very seriously. If you have a problem with a message that was sent to you by another member, please click the "Report Abuse" link on the page where you're viewing the message on the IRESE site.

How do I send messages to other members?

You can send a message to any member of IRESE who added you to his or her Friends Circle. Go to "Home > My IRESE > Friends", and click on "Contact" next to the registered friend. Take me there

Or you can go to that member's page, click and then click "Contact Member". This will allow you to create a short message to that user. Please review the policy on contacting members before you contact others.

How do I send messages to all my friends?

You would actually have to contact them individually. Only Brokers can send messages to all their clients all at once. If you're a Broker and would like to learn how, go to invite and manage property owners.

How do I access my messages?

There are a few ways to see your IRESE messages:
  • When you are signed in, if you have any new messages waiting for you, you'll see an indicator that says something like "2 undread" at the top right of the IRESE web site. Click on the indicator to go directly to the Messages inbox.
  • To go directly to the messages page to view both new and old messages, just go to "Home > My IRESE > Messages". Take me there

What can I do with messages?

You can:
  • Read the message: Click on the message subject to read the full message.
  • Download message attachments: If there are attachments on your messages (like an account statement), you can download those attachments by clicking on them and saving them to your computer.
  • Reply: When you're reading a message from another member, you can click the "Reply" link to send a reply message directly to that user.
  • Mark as read: Select the messages you want to mark as read and click the "Mark Read" button.
  • Delete: Select the messages you want to delete and click the "Delete" button. Once they're deleted, messages cannot be retrieved. A copy of your messages was sent to your email inbox.
  • Archive: Select the messages you want to archive and click the "Archive" button. Once they're archived, messages cann be retrieved by using Message Filter and selecting Status "Archived".

I'm getting a lot of messages—can I control which messages I receive and which ones I don't?

When you register with IRESE, your account is set to receive all available messages. To adjust your notification preferences, you can edit your communication preferences. Learn about preferences.

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