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Referral Program

What is the referral program?

IRESE's referral program was established to bring friends and business partners to IRESE. In return for bringing active Property Owners and Investors, IRESE pays cash awards to referrers.

Here's how it works:
  • 1. Go to "Home > My IRESE > Friends", and click on "Invite Friends". Take me there
  • 2. Enter your friend's or business partner's information, customize the message if you wish, and send the invitation to your friend.
  • 3. Your friend joins IRESE within 30 days of clicking on the link in your invitation.
  • 4. Within 90 days of joining IRESE, your friend finances one of our products as a Property Owner or invests as an Investor.
  • 5. As soon as your friend's financing completing (as a Property Owner), or first investment is made (as an Investor), you get cash in your IRESE account.

What can I earn for referring my friends?

Refer a Property Owner

You receive $50 as soon as your friend gets a real estate financing at IRESE.

Refer an Investor

You receive $25 and your friend receives $25 as soon as your friend makes a real estate investment at IRESE.

How do I earn awards?

You have to invite someone who has never joined IRESE in the past, and they have to arrive at the IRESE site by clicking on a link in your invitation that has a special referral code in it.

I referred a friend. When do I get paid?

You will only receive a referral award after your friend has taken an action:
  • If you refer a Property Owner

    Your friend must get a real estate financing at IRESE. You will receive your award in your IRESE account as soon as the first monthly payment clears.
  • If you refer an Investor

    Your friend must transfer money and invest into a real estate investment at IRESE. You and your friend will receive your award in your IRESE account as soon as the funding is completed.

What are the requirements for earning referral awards?

To qualify for referral awards, you have to meet the following conditions:
  • The invitee must have clicked on a link from your invitation with a referral code.
  • The invitee's Web browser must accept cookies.
  • The invitee must be a new member, and must join IRESE within 30 days of clicking on your link.
  • The invitee must take an action (finance or make an investment) within 90 days of joining IRESE.
  • If the invitee is a property owner, he or she must obtain one of IRESE real estate financing products.
  • You can only earn one property owner award and one investor award per new referred member.

How will I know if one of my friends registered?

When a friend you have referred joins IRESE, you will receive an email notifying you that your friend has joined. Keep in mind that you won't receive any awards until your friend has obtained financing (as a Property Owner) or invested (as an Investor).

You can also view your referrals by going to the "Home > My IRESE > History" page, choosing "Type: Referred New Member" and "Date range: All time", and clicking "Search". Take me there This will show all of the members who used your link to sign up with IRESE. These are the members a referral credit is available for, as long as the other requirements are met.

Once your referred friend finances or invests, you'll receive another email notifying you that the referral award has been paid.

What if I referred a friend without a referral link?

Sorry, but referral awards cannot be given for referrals who did not use a IRESE referral link. If you referred a new member without using a referral link, we appreciate your referral, but we cannot track referral awards without a referral link.

When does the referral program end?

We have no anticipated end date to this program, however, we may from time to time update the program.

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