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Real Estate Investing at IRESE

IRESE operates a private online marketplace for real estate financing.

For Investors, who are exposed to diversification risk and can benefit from price volatility of real estate assets, IRESE provides a vehicle to buy and sell Real Estate Options in individual properties, investor benefit from:
  • Appreciation in real estate value above expected
  • Diversification based on asset and investor attributes
For Fixed Income Investors, who are seeking a guaranteed stream of payments secured by real estate asset, IRESE provides an access to fixed income investment into Real Estate Notes, investor benefit from:
  • Picking and choosing diversified fixed income portfolio
  • Exchange liquidity for active portfolio risk management and leverage

Volatility creates opportunity

Real Estate Option is a contact based on a time horizon and an expected property value. Real Estate Options are similar to financial options contracts and priced based on an individual real estate property.

IRESE provides mortgage bankers and brokers with financial tools that allow them to sell Home Equity Protection Plan via Real Estate Put Option and Future Equity Agreement via Real Estate Call Option to property owners. Investors benefit from real estate price volatility, leverage on their investments and investment portfolio diversification.

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Fixed income return

Real Estate Note is a fixed income contract with a monthly payment based on a time horizon and a coupon rate. Real Estate Notes are similar to financial bonds with a risk of recall and a risk of default. Real Estate Notes are an alternative to mortgage loan securitization.

IRESE provides mortgage bankers and brokers with financial tools that allow them to offer Mortgage Financing via Real Estate Notes. The product allows investors to invest in fraction of an individual mortgage by picking and choosing a risk profile based on individual loan criteria. Doing so, investors manage and diversify risk and develop an optimal investment portfolio.

Investors will benefit from returns associated with investing in fixed income secured by real estate and the ability to diversify their investment portfolios across many loans. Investor trading on the Exchange provides ongoing liquidity.

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Diversification with negative correlations

Investing money directly into securities on individual real estate properties is a great way to earn a fair return. Real estate returns negatively correlate with bonds (-21%) and positively correlate with stocks (16%)*. Diversifying investment risk in real estate greatly reduces the volatility of your portfolio and provides opportunity to earn above average returns from fixed income investments. * Morningstar®

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