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Bid on Real Estate Notes Auctions

What do I need to do before I can start bidding?

To bid on Real Estate Note auctions, you must be a member of IRESE. You must also complete your Investor Account Setup. Become an Investor now.

Because placing a bid requires the bid amount to be available from your IRESE account, you must first transfer funds to IRESE before you can start bidding.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, just before you start to investing, you should read about the ins and outs of understanding Real Estate Note.

How do I interpret a Real Estate Note symbol?

Each Real Estate Note has a unique symbol associated with it.

For example, take RNF-27107-862473 symbol, which has 3 parts RNF, 27107 and 862473:
  • The first part defines a type of the note. In our example, RNF means the following:
    • R – Residential Property vs. C – Commercial Property
    • N – Note
    • F – Fixed rate note, other options are I – interest only, and A – adjusted rate
  • The second part defines a zip code where the property is located.
  • The third part is unique number assigned to the property in the specific zip code.

How do I bid on auctions?

There are two ways to bid on Real Estate Notes auctions at IRESE:

  • Place a manual bid: Place bids one at a time by visiting each listing, reviewing the details, and clicking the "Place Bid" button. You will enter the price per share and number of shares of your bid, and the bid will be placed. Learn about manual bidding.
  • Use portfolio plans (coming soon): For your convenience, IRESE has set up 4 "model" portfolio plans you may wish to use as templates for your portfolio plans. Each of the 4 plans presents a range of progressively increasing risk and potential return based on Real Estate Notes return profile attributes.

What rate should I bid?

You should bid an interest rate that takes into consideration both the mortgage risk profile, the rate adjustment due to defaults, and the IRESE Real Estate Note servicing fee. Learn more about pricing your bids.

How are winning bids determined?

Once there are enough bids to fund an entire Real Estate Note financing amount, the interest rate is determined by the number of Investors bidding and the rates they've bid. Learn how to read the bid history.

I placed my bid. What's next?

Place your best bid and then just wait for the auction to end. Learn about being outbid and waiting for the bidding to end.

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