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Search for Real Estate Options Auctions

How do I get started bidding on Real Estate Options?

Once you are set up as an Investor and have funds in your IRESE account, you are ready to start bidding on Real Estate Options auctions. Go to the "Invest > Bid on Options" page to get started. Take me there

In quick search, enter zip code to get a list of Real Estate Options for that zip code.

From the "Bid on Options" page, you can search for listings by street, city, zip code, and a few other parameters. If you want to set more specific search criteria, you can do an advanced search. Learn more about advanced search and saved searches.

How do I interpret a Real Estate Option symbol?

Each Real Estate Option has a unique symbol associated with it.

For example, take ROC-24426-168816 symbol, which has 3 parts ROC, 24426 and 168816:
  • The first part defines a type of the optoin. In our example, ROC means the following:
    • R – Residential Property vs. C – Commercial Property
    • O – Option
    • C – Call Option vs. P – Put Option
  • The second part defines a zip code where the property is located.
  • The third part is unique number assigned to the property in the specific zip code.

Why is auction ended sooner then end date suggests?

There is an option for an auction to end early if a specified price per share is reached, rather than a potentially lower price per share that could result if the auction were subject to continued bidding.

In this case, as soon an auction's requested Real Estate Options amount is met by enough bidders, the auction will close before the end date.

How do I read the bid history?

Before bidding on an auction, you should look at the bid history to understand how many Investors are bidding on a Real Estate Options, and how much money each one has offered to put up and at what price per share. Learn how to read the bid history.

How can I calculate my risk before bidding?

Before bidding on auction, you should look at the property value trends for the specific property, consider such factors property location, economic outlook and other economic data. IRESE tracks and collects various data to help you to make an investment. Check out research data. Using this data, Investors can gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the market, and use that knowledge to minimize the risk taken on investing in Real Estate Options.

How do I place some bids?

There are two ways to bid on Real Estate Options auctions at IRESE:

  • Place a manual bid: Place bids one at a time by visiting each listing, reviewing the details, and clicking the "Place Bid" button. You will enter the price per share and number of shares of your bid, and the bid will be placed. Learn about manual bidding.
  • Use portfolio plans (coming soon): For your convenience, IRESE has set up 4 "model" portfolio plans you may wish to use as templates for your portfolio plans. Each of the 4 plans presents a range of progressively increasing risk and potential return based on Real Estate Options return profile attributes.

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