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Monitor Market Maker Activity

How do I approve or decline my listings shares?

You will receive an email notifying you of new Real Estate Option or Real Estate Note share that require you to make market. You will also be able to access a summary of share details requiring review from the "Home > My IRESE > Market Making" overview page. Take me there

When you receive a request to review a share details, you have 1 day to accept or decline the share for market making. If you do not accept or decline the share within 1 days, the share will be assigned to another market maker.

When you review a share details, you may accept or decline the share:
  • If the share is accepted, you can define bid and ask price for the selected shares.
  • If the share is declined, the share will be assigned to a different market maker.

Why should I care about my Market Maker's activity?

Your Market Maker's transaction history, Real Estate Options or Real Estate Notes trading will all have an impact on your ability to attract investors to your Market Maker’s shares.

If you have delay execution in your Market Maker's history, Investors think twice before investing in shares in which you make market.

On the other hand, if your Market Maker has a clear offline affiliation, and the share trading is expedient, it can be a real advantage! The more you put into personalizing and making your Market Maker profile look great, the more attractive it will be to everyone. If you're working to set your Market Maker profile up with the best execution possible, you'll help your Market Maker's reputation and your clients.

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