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Understanding Real Estate Notes

Real estate investments are one of the largest asset classes in the United States, along with stocks and bonds. However, investments in real estate are not very liquid, as compared to stocks or bonds. For example, real estate bond investors facing liquidity issues and valuation challenges.

Mortgage bankers are seeking to explore a new way to securitize its loan portfolio and mortgage brokers are seeking better financing terms for the property owners.

IRESE provides mortgage bankers and brokers with financial tools that allow them to offer Mortgage Financing via Real Estate Notes. The product allows investors to invest in fraction of an individual mortgage by picking and choosing a risk profile based on individual loan criteria. Doing so, investors manage and diversify risk and develop an optimal investment portfolio.

Investors will benefit from returns associated with investing in fixed income secured by real estate and the ability to diversify their investment portfolios across many loans. Investor trading on the Exchange provides ongoing liquidity.

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