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Home Equity Protection Plan Quote

How do I get a free quote?

To get a free quote, you must be a member of IRESE. Membership is free.

When you are ready, get your FREE quote for Home Equity Protection Plan.

What should I put in my quote?

For Home Equity Protection Plan you can use our simple online tools to determine the amount of coverage you want and the length, then get the amount you should expect to pay.

Once your satisfied with your quote, you start an application and you will be assigned a Broker who will review your needs and verify all the data you provided.

Once your application is reviewed and approved by Broker, Home Equity Protection Plan will be underwritten by IRESE.

How do I track my Home Equity Protection Plan application status?

For Home Equity Protection Plan application you'll be able to see it and track it by going to "Home > My IRESE > Products > Applications" and select your Home Equity Protection Plan application. Take me there

What coverage should I get?

When you create a quote for Home Equity Protection Plan, we'll help you pick a level of coverage and term. You can you specify the minimum property value you want to cover and the length of the coverage.

And remember, you're always free to withdraw your application before the Home Equity Protection Plan is approved.

What is a bank draft?

When you are confirming your Home Equity Protection Plan, you will have two options for making your payment. The first option is electronic funds transfer, which is free. The second option is bank draft, which will result in an interest rate charge of 1.00%. Property Owners who choose not to use the free electronic payment service will be charged 1.00% fee on every payment. We expect that most Property Owners will choose the free electronic funds transfers which are secure and convenient.

If you select electronic funds transfer, IRESE will electronically deduct your payment from your bank account on Home Equity Protection Plan approval. If you select bank draft as your method of payment, you are authorizing IRESE to write a check on your behalf to cover your payment. This option has a fee because of the additional processing costs associated with it.

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