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Customer Data Retention

Your privacy and the security of your personal and financial information are very important to IRESE. The privacy policy details your privacy rights.

If you would like to be certain that your IRESE account will be closed and will never be accessed by another person, you may contact customer support and request that your account be closed. When your account is closed by customer support, it is not accessible by anyone, even if they have your email address and password.

Even if your IRESE account is closed by customer support, it is our policy to never permanently remove personal or financial information from IRESE's databases. We retain personal and financial information for both active and inactive members:

  • For investors and brokers, we retain information for tax reporting purposes: Investors earn taxable interest on notes and option contracts and Brokers earn taxable monetary rewards on IRESE products originations and Mortgage Financing repayments.
  • For Property Owners, we retain information for credit reporting purposes: owner payment activity is reported to credit bureaus.
  • For members who have registered or had their identity verified, we keep on file any personal or financial information collected during those processes as a matter of course for security reasons. Retaining this kind of information is typical of online and off-line financial services companies.

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