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When you submit this application for Home Equity Protection Plan, if not already, it will be assigned to a broker on the marektplace, and broker will begin working on your application immediately. At the time you submit your application, you are committing to obtain Home Equity Protection Plan at the terms specified in your application, at the maximum premium set forth in your application, should your application be approved for underwriting.

You will be required to sign legal agreements to complete underwriting.

You may cancel this application at any time before it is underwritten. Once your application is underwriten you have no right to withdraw or rescind the Home Equity Protection Plan. Application withdrawal fee maybe charged.

Application Withdrawal Fee

You may withdraw your application at any time up to the point when underwriting is completed at no cost to you. Broker and IRESE invested time and money to review and to verify your application. You will be charged a penalty to withdraw your application, which would be refunded, if you to re-submit within 3 business days. The fee to withdraw your application once it is underwritten is $300.

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