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IRESE Security

At IRESE, our team of technical security specialists work toward ensuring that all financial transactions, data transmissions, and communications are completed in a secure online environment.

To safeguard all financial and personal information, IRESE:
  • Requires both a user ID and a password

    To safeguard your personal information and data, you are required to register and create user ID before you have access to password protected areas on IRESE.

  • Secure encrypted sessions

    To protect your personal and financial information, we use SSL to encrypt your entire session from sign in to sign out. Only your valid email address and password will allow you to sign in to IRESE. You chose your own password during the registration process, and even IRESE employees will not be able to access your password.

  • Secure data center

    Your information is kept in a state-of-the-art data center. Physical access is strictly controlled and we use the latest in threat prevention technologies including the very best in firewall, VPN, antivirus, Web filtering and antispam technologies.

  • 20 minute session expiration

    If you do not perform any action for 20 minutes, your IRESE session will be automatically terminated and you will be signed out for safety. In that case, please sign in again to continue using your IRESE account.

  • Maintains high standards for employee training, instilling in each IRESE professional a respect for client confidentiality

Browser Requirements

To support our 128-bit encryption, IRESE's Web site operates with browser software that is designed to prevent encrypted information from being written onto the user's hard drive, safeguarding against an unauthorized user accessing IRESE customer account data.

IRESE does not store encrypted personal information in the form of cookies. We use cookies only to access stored passwords or to enable users to customize information. We also use cookies to scan connecting PCs for information, which helps us determine if an online session is genuine.

At IRESE, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of data security. This dedication drives our efforts to apply the latest security technology and to conduct frequent tests and updates of our systems and practices. If you have questions about our Security Policy, please contact us.


We utilize public-key cryptography (rather than same-key cryptography) to encrypt account information sent to and from IRESE over the Web.


We use industry standard browser encryption (commonly known as SSL) and require a minimum of 128-bit encryption for Web transactions.


We have placed firewalls between users and IRESE servers, as well as between IRESE servers and IRESE systems where account data are housed.

Other security considerations

IRESE works hard to ensure a safe borrowing and lending environment for all of our members. However, there may be some aspects of the security of your own computer and internet activity that we may not be able to control.

Please consider these issues in your daily computer and internet activity:

  • Make sure that your computer environment does not provide any opportunities for anyone to gain access to your information (in particular your username and password).
  • Make sure that the equipment you use does not permit electronic monitoring or recording of your activities. Your systems administrator should be able to advise you on this.

Personal security measures

  • Never leave the computer you use unattended while you are signed in.
  • Please do not share your screen name in combination with your real name, email address, or password with anyone else under any circumstances. Ensure that they are kept safe, secret and not used by anyone else for any fraudulent purpose.
  • Never mention your screen name in combination with your real name, email address, or password in emails, letters, or phone conversations. Even with IRESE employees, never give out your password.
  • Do not write down your screen name or email address in combination with your password in a manner that allows them to be understood by someone else. Do not use any of them for another purpose.
  • If you know or suspect that someone else has learned your screen name in combination with your real name, email address, or password, please contact customer support immediately.
  • Please change your password regularly.
  • When signing in to IRESE, make sure that no one is watching you type your password or looking at your account over your shoulder.
  • Check your account regularly. If you spot a transaction you don't remember making, or if funds are transferred unexpectedly, please note the exact details and please contact customer support immediately.
  • Check the certificate of the site. To ensure that you are using IRESE and not a look-alike scam, check the server certificate by clicking on the little yellow lock icon in your browser.
  • Please only use the secure "Sign Out" link to safely end your IRESE session.
  • Stay alert for spoof email which claims to be IRESE. Learn more about email security at IRESE.

Basic computer and internet security measures

  • Use a password to protect your PC from unwanted access. You can use power-on passwords available in virtually all computers. Please keep in mind that the login passwords of some earlier operating systems are not fully reliable.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while you use IRESE at home, work or public places.
  • Do not save your email address and password information in any format in your computer.
  • If you use smartcards, don't leave them in the smartcard reader after logging out.
  • Don't open emails from unknown senders. If you are in any doubt about the source of an email, it's generally best to delete it without reading the content, as it may contain a virus.
  • Always check new data or software for viruses on a regular basis. To do this you need to install an anti-virus program. Contact your local computer retailer who can provide you with advice about purchasing a suitable anti-virus program.
  • If you use a cable/DSL (or similar) internet connection and are always connected to the internet, please use a firewall to protect your computer against hacking. Contact your local computer retailer who can provide you with advice about purchasing a suitable firewall system.

Security measures when using a work or public computer

  • Always remember to sign out of your IRESE session, close the web browser, and clear the cache.
  • Don't leave account printouts lying around or in wastepaper baskets. You should also always ensure that you collect account printouts from public or shared printers.
  • If at work, ensure that your company allows you to use IRESE. Some organizations do not allow personal Internet use. Always check with your systems administrator before using IRESE from a work computer.
  • When you have finished using IRESE, ensure you clear the cache and log-off—particularly in public places such as work, internet cafĂ©s, libraries, and airports:
    • Mozilla Firefox: From the browser menu, click "Tools > Options...". Choose the "Privacy > Cache" tab, and click "Clear Cache Now". You can also click the "Settings..." button and set Firefox to clear your cache every time you close the browser.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: From the browser menu, click "Tools > Internet Options...". Choose the "General" tab and on the "Temporary Internet Files" portion of the screen, Click "Delete Files..." button. Click "OK", and then close the browser.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer has a feature called "Auto Complete" which helps users to remember form entries and passwords on the Internet. We strongly advise you to disable this feature and delete the existing records. You can disable this feature by clicking on "Tools > Internet Options" and choosing the "Content" tab. On the "Personal Information" portion of the screen, click the "AutoComplete" button. Deselect all except "Web addresses" in the "Use AutoComplete for" portion. Then click "Clear Forms" and "Clear Passwords" buttons respectively. Please note that all forms and password information already stored in your computer will be deleted. Click "OK" twice to exit.

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