Market Making at IRESE

IRESE operates a private online marketplace for real estate financing. Market makers profit from the spread on trading of Real Estate Options and Real Estate Notes.

Real Estate Option

Real Estate Option is a contact based on a time horizon and an expected property value. Real Estate Options are similar to financial options contracts and priced based on an individual real estate property.

IRESE provides market makers tools to price Real Estate Put Option and Real Estate Call Option. Market Makers benefit from real estate price volatility and a spread in bid and offer prices on a Real Estate Option.

Real Estate Note

Real Estate Note is a fixed income contract with a monthly payment based on a mortgage secured by real estate property. Real Estate Notes are similar to financial bonds with a risk of recall and a risk of default. Real Estate Notes are an alternative to mortgage loan securitization.

Real Estate Note allows investors to pick and choose a risk profile based on individual loan criteria in order to develop an optimal investment portfolio.

Market Makers will benefit from returns associated with a spread in bid and offer prices on a Real Estate Note. Market Makers provide ongoing liquidity on the Exchange.

Market Making

Market makers are registered firms at IRESE, which are ready to buy and/or sell a certain amount of specific shares at a publicly quoted price on a regular, continuous basis. It accepts a level of risk in holding a particular amount of shares. The market maker then sells shares from its inventory, or looks for an offsetting order to purchase when an order has been taken. IRESE Market Makers are prepared to sell or buy any number of any shares for which they are market makers.

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