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Understanding Mortgage Financing

IRESE offers another option to finance mortgages at the most competitive rates. Consider these reasons to finance your mortgage at IRESE:
  • You receive a competitive rate set by the market, as investors bid down your rate based on your property, income and credit profile
  • IRESE‚Äôs Mortgage Financing provides an alternative to government mortgage financing with no restrictions
Get competitive financing for your new purchase or existing property refinancing with Mortgage Financing. Let us walk through a specific example.

IRESE Advantage

Although the government continues to subsidize mortgages, only 1 in 10 households is able to qualify. IRESE offers an alternative means to finance a mortgage with competitive financing of each individual loan. Property Owners work with Brokers to finance a mortgage by many investors instead of one bank, thus investors compete to bid on a loan through an auction. As a result, we finance new and existing mortgages at competitive rates determined by investors that bid down the rate.

Mortgage Financing

For example, the homeowner would like to refinance $200,000 mortgage at maximum rate of 5%. Through an IRESE Broker, the homeowner prepares a Mortgage Financing application for a specific term of 30 years, with an maximum interest rate they are willing to agree to.

Once the application is approved, the rate is determined by investors who bid down the maximum rate based on their initial mortgage risk assessment.

Once the sufficient amount is raised, and the auction is closed, the final interest rate is set based on best rate committed by investors required to finance the loan amount. The Broker completes the loan origination.

Mortgage Payment

Once the mortgage is originated anc closed, the mortgage owner will be obligated to make monthly payment, interest plus principal, for a duration of the note or until the property is sold or refinanced. At that point, investors receive the remaining balance of the note principal back. The Broker might be responsible for the customer service, loan servicing and any other loan related activities and forwards the payment to IRESE, unless the owner uses automated payment system provided for free by IRESE.

A Mortgage Financing provide property owner with a competitive mortgage financing, low interest rates bid down by investors and lower closing transaction cost then traditional mortgage financing.

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