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Property Owner Financing at IRESE

IRESE offers innovative products to help you answer these questions:
  • Do you worry about your home equity?
  • Would you like some debt-free cash to add to your retirement income?
  • Are you a property owner who is looking for financing at a competitive rate?
You can access innovative real estate finance products through our national network of brokers.

Home Equity Protection Plan

IRESE offers a Home Equity Protection Plan to protect your property value against decline below a set price. Consider these reasons to purchase the insurance:
  • You plan to refinance the mortgage in 5 years and worry that the value of the home will fall below the outstanding mortgage balance
  • You plan to sell in 7 years and need to preserve the down payment and protect the equity gains in your home
In essence, your exposure to real estate market price fluctuation is minimized with IRESE’s Home Equity Protection Plan. Learn more about Home Equity Protection Plan

Future Equity Agreement

IRESE offers a Future Equity Agreement to provide interest-free cash today in exchange for a share in the future equity of the property. Consider these reasons to use this agreement:
  • Unlock the value of your property without having to sell your home, or take out expensive reverse mortgage or a home equity loan
  • Get cash without monthly payments, which you are free to use as you wish - use money for your retirement, fund college education, start a new business or diversify your investment
With Future Equity Agreement, you can unlock the future value of your home today and receive immediate cash with no payments. Learn more about Future Equity Agreement

Mortgage Financing

IRESE offers another option to finance mortgages at the most competitive rates. Consider these reasons to finance your mortgage at IRESE:
  • You receive a competitive rate set by the market, as investors bid down your rate based on your property, income and credit profile
  • IRESE’s Mortgage Financing provides an alternative to government mortgage financing with no restrictions
Get competitive financing for your new purchase or existing property refinancing with Mortgage Financing. Learn more about Mortgage Financing

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