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Why am I getting questions from a Broker?

You may have left an important detail out of your application, and Brokers are just being thorough.

Where can I see my questions?

Go to "Home > My IRESE", and if you have any unanswered questions, they'll appear under the "Application Questions And Answers" header. Take me there

Additionally, you can review Questions and Answer if you view your application. Learn how to view your application.

How do I answer questions?

You will receive an email every time a new question is asked, and you can click directly from that email to the page where you can answer it.

If you choose to answer a question, please do not include information which might expose your identity. Exposing your identity may put the broker or underwriter in a legally precarious situation, and should be avoided at all costs.

When you answer the question, the answer will go directly to the Broker and underwriter via email. Additionally, you have the option to post the question on your application for all Investors to read. Unless you are revealing something in your answer that should remain private between you and the broker, you should post as many answers as possible on your application; this will prevent you from having to answer the same question too many times.

Do I have to answer these questions?

Yes and No. You can choose not to answer any question from a Broker , just click "Delete", or ignore it altogether. Keep in mind, though, that a Broker is probably asking you a question because he or she is interested in helping you to complete your application and underwrite your product. So neglecting the Broker's question might cost you a success.

If you delete a Broker's question, you will not be able to get it back, and the broker will not find out that you have deleted it.

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